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Guaranteed Transport Service, LLC (GTS) provides transportation of liquid food grade products to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, professionally moving their products at a high level of reliable service, using the most pristine fleet with a constant emphasis on safety and efficiency.


Guaranteed Transport Service is dedicated to providing the highest level of service in our industry. In order to accomplish our mission, we provide the best in class equipment for our customers and professional drivers. We enforce regular maintenance, safety and quality standards to each piece of equipment used daily.

In order to be the best, you have to buy the best and we partner with the best manufacturers in the industry.

Peterbilt Trucks

Bulk Liquid Food Grade Transport Peterbilt Trucks
Late Model Peterbilt trucks are provided for dependable operation and comfort for our drivers. We buy the top of the line trucks adding many comfort and safety items with premium packages.

Walker Stainless Tanks

Walker Stainless Tanks for liquid food grade transportation
Late model Walker Stainless Tanks are purchased that are state of the art, designed specifically for sanitary liquid food grade transportation.


Guaranteed Transport Service uses technology to keep safe, improve efficiencies, provide valuable information and provide superior customer service.

Integrating all aspects of our business, we use the best software platform available in the industry to provide real time information for decision making and accurate billing for our customers. Empowering services with technology is an essential company policy as we strive for efficiency and accuracy in everything we do. A fully integrated solution for better communication is essential to provide our customers with the highest level of service in the industry.

Our partners include:


We use the cutting edge products and services of PeopleNet including GPS tracking of our equipment and drivers accurate hours to run our business safely and efficiently. Information is exchanged real time with our central operating system to improve operations and customer service.

TMW Systems

We are able to have constant communication with our team on the road through on-board computers and provide personalized customer service. This is possible through our TMW System which is a central operating system consisting of a wide range of technology, software and other related devices.

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