Operations Contacts

Name Job Title Email Phone
Amber Levidiotis Customer Service Representative alevidiotis@gtstank.com (863) 226-0228
Benjamin Krieg General Manager bkrieg@gtstank.com (863) 401-4428
Bill Craft Driver Manager bcraft@gtstank.com (863) 614-0857
Ellen Ciardelli Customer Service Representative eciardelli@gtstank.com (863) 271-7088
Fernando Valdes Operations Supervisor fvaldes@gtstank.com (863) 279-6578
Kyla Coley Driver Manager kcoley@gtstank.com (863) 269-0805

Operations Support Primary Contacts

Department Phone
Main Driver Line(863) 345-8100
24 Hour Emergency
*For collisions, injuries and/or accidents, no matter how big or small, you must immediately call this number*
(863) 659-4200
Safety Department
All Safety Related items that are non-collision, non-accident and/or non-injury related calls should be directed to the Non-Emergency Line during regular business hours.
(863) 345-8006
Fuel Cards(401) 287-4815
IT Help Desk(401) 304-9561
Payroll(833) 487-8265
Recruiting(863) 213-0118
Uniforms(401) 206-5067
24 Hour Maintenance
See Notes Below.
(863) 812-4685 - Option 2
Maintenance - After Hours - RoadSquad
See Notes Below.
(863) 812-4685 - Option 1

When To Call Maintenance After Hours

Before calling the Maintenance Customer Service Team After Hours, ask yourself:
"Can this wait until normal business hours?"
If the answer is yes, there is no need to call them after hours.

After Hours: When To Call RoadSquad

(863)-812-4685 - Option 1


If you have been on hold for more than 10 minutes, please do not hang up and call the customer service representative on call.

Wait time may vary depending on the call volume. If you hang up, you lose your spot and the customer service rep will only instruct you to hang up and call them back and remain on hold until they answer.

After Hours: When To Call Maintenance Customer Service

(863)-812-4685 - Option 2

  • You have already initiated a request with Road Squad and they were unable to complete the repair.
  • You need CLC due to your truck being towed/repaired and are unable to sleep in your truck.
  • You have been waiting beyond the ETA provided by Road Squad and you have called Road Squad back for an ETA but cannot get a response.
  • An Uber is needed to get into a hotel due to a breakdown.
  • You feel the vendor sent out by Road Squad is not capable of doing the repairs.

When To Wait and Call Maintenance Customer Service During Normal Business Hours

(863)-812-4685 - Option 2

  • Need to schedule for a PM.
  • Approval needed for work being requested at a TA/Petro.
  • A Check Engine Light appears on the dash and no loss of power/slight loss of power.
  • Calling to advise that truck needs to go to dealer in the morning due to mechanical issue.
  • Truck/Tank washes.
  • Something is needed for the truck but cannot move the truck because you are on a 10 Hour Break/34 Hour Reset/Out of Time.

Additional Contacts

Name Job Title Email Phone
Bill Nottage Fleet Equipment Manager bnottage@gtstank.com (401) 330-0317
Brian Rhodes Executive VP brhodes@gtstank.com (401) 206-5212
Chris Doire Business Development cdoire@gtstank.com (401) 206-5197
Christina Proccaccini Human Resources Generalist cproccaccini@gtstank.com (401) 589-1371
Crystal Clayton Maintenance Cust. Svc. Manager cclayton@gtstank.com (401) 479-7733
David Nawrocki IT Manager dnawrocki@gtstank.com (401) 206-5169
Deanna dela Cruz Director of Safety ddelacruz@gtstank.com (401) 714-9316
Donna Fulford Facilities Manager dfulford@gtstank.com (863) 401-4966
Greg Plant Assistant Director of Maintenance gplant@gtstank.com (401) 287-9235
Jeff Baker Director of Maintenance jbaker@gtstank.com (401) 602-1100
Jessica Martinez Claims Specialist jmartinez@gtstank.com (401) 304-9235
Karen White Finance Specialist kwhite@gtstank.com (863) 225-8003
Lou Ferrara Chief Commercial Officer lferrera@gtstank.com (863) 614-0732
Meagan Mcleod Recruiter mmcleod@gtstank.com (863) 280-7759
Mike Brandon Maintenance mbrandon@gtstank.com (863) 594-1928
Paul Sullivan Chief Financial Officer psullivan@gtstank.com (401) 206-5078
Robin Watters Fleet Equipment Coordinator rwatters@gtstank.com (401) 206-5175
Sara Guice Safety & Compliance Specialist sguice@gtstank.com (401) 615-4049
Taylor Rose Director of Operational Support trose@gtstank.com (401) 206-5085